Friday, November 23, 2007

ANIME Z Festival - II

ANIME Z Festival

( Second Edition )

December 8 and 9th, 2007

This would be the SECOND EDITION of this Festival on manga, anime, cosplay and games.

I will be teaching those two manga workshops there:

- A workshop on "shojo" manga * by the afternoon, hours 14 to 16h.

- By the same day, a second workshop on "kodomo" * * manga, by the afternoon, hours 16 to 18h.

Respectively, two manga drawing workshops on feminine characters( women and girls )*, children´s and directed to children´s audience** alike.

The workshops will have support material as visual polygraphs and references avaiable for both.
Their program is:

- Structure and ratio for Shojo manga;
- Drawing of adult and children characters;
- Drapery and hair drawing how-tos.
- SD stylization;
- Drawing for Kodomo(for children)manga;
- Textures and shading,

Accessories, props( with reference avaiable ).

All those ending with a conclusion work.
Also, by saturday´s late afternoon, from 18 to 19h, I will do a lecture right after the classes; the lecture is open to any participants, even from outside the actual class workshops, since it´s being part of the named event itself.
As a parallel, there will be an exposition of some of the works I done - including some specially done for the event, just as an ( fan )artshow.


We´ll also have an open debate on editorial trends for Brazil( for manga artists and writers ), which I was invited to participate, too.

All the two turns I´ll do will have 2 hour-lesson each, what perfacts 4 hour-lessons to the total - if completed, the workshops can be certifyed to the end for the participants, if they appear to the all the lessons and conclude a work on drawing, executed in class with the assistance of the teacher.

And there´s more:

I must announce a manga illustration workshop, teached by my friend Daniel HDR:

More information about that workshop can be taken with himself, though I strongly reccomend his work!


All lessons and workshops( mine´s and his own, alike )are all with free entrance, but with a limited number limited of students by group( 15 passwords in the maximum for each ), though those can be reserved in the place of the event, or among its organizers!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Awakened" - a Gothic HA! fancomic...

CTW36 and BlondeCecile




"Awakened" is a fanfictional poem wrote by BlondeCecile, now translated to a comic form by Charles T. Williams - both of them GREAT artists from the HA! fandom.



Now, GO and READ the Comic!

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Hey Arnold
All my HA! fanarts...


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