Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"A picture in Olga´s diary" - A gift from my friend Camille^^

"A picture in Olga´s diary" - A gift from my friend Camille^^

GIFT from Lila89!GIFT from Lila89!


A gift from my friend Camille
( A.K.A. : "Lila89" in Deviantart );
she did the color artwork
on one of the drawings I did,
AND she also created a story after it!

Thanks so much!

Friday, November 14, 2008

ANIMA HEROES Convention!



Anima Heroes, the newest multi-thematic event in Porto Alegre, in its debut edition will bring delight to the public that demand different choices of entertainment. On days 15 and November 16, the AH will be the meeting point for those who like anime, manga, film, animation, TV series, RPG, games, music and other forms of artistic expression. The highlight of the programming is the presence of the voice artists Élcio Sodré and Miriam Ficher.

The event will also count on the traditional competitions of cosplay, including the World Cosplay Summit (WCS), a major competition for cosplaying, which best couble wold qualify for its national finals in Sao Paulo. The Brazilian stages of the competition is organized by JBC Publising House( from Brazil ), and the winner earns an applying for the grand finale in Japan!
For the comics fans, the big attraction is the debate: "Batman RIP - Does a legend die?" On the possible end of the Batman character, a possibility that is being ventilated in the United States.
The event would also has the workshops on:

- Creation of heroes, heroines, villains and sidekicks;
And also,
- Creation of pages of comics.
All workshops teached by the professionals from Dinamo Studio.

The Anima Heroes also brings the pop culture attractions as: a booths area, exhibitions of anime, RPG gaming and musical shows. In this first edition the event brings an innovative initiative: the "Animatum", an alternative cycle of animated short films that are NOT anime.
Western animation also rules!:boogie:
It is an opportunity to watch what´s the best being produced in Brazil, and abroad!

"More than a cross option, the Anima Heroes born to be the event that unites the public around the encouragement of culture, whether it comes from where, without prejudice."

More info:

What is: Anima Heroes - multi thematic event
When: Days 15 and Nov. 16

Where is: Colégio RAINHA DO BRASIL
r. Paulino Chaves, 262 - bairro Santo Antônio
Porto Alegre / RS

Hours: from 11h to 20h
Admission: to advance R$ 8, or 1kg of non-perishable food.
In the hours costs R$ 10, or 1kg of non-perishable food.



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