Friday, August 31, 2007

Latest WHIP of Fanarts.

Since I find so difficult to accomplish( and afford )multiple scannings, I have to assemble as many pictures as I can into a single page to do it a single scan.


So then,
I disassemble the "whip"( just like this piece above ), using the ol´ crappy MS Paint to copy and paste each one into separate "artworks" to be posted individually.

In fact,
I have to scan on one place( that has no internet connection ), save the result in a floppy to can either upload or edit that elsewhere - sometimes, in three steps, as scan/edit/upload thru three different computers, yearning that the files doesn´t get corrupted in the process, or lost due to a defective floppy disk or drive and forcing me to do the whole process again.

Why in heck I´m telling this?

... Just to let you know AND warn about which kind of loser( yours truly ^^ )you are after for ...

Are you SURE you aren´t losing your time looking after what I do?

Most people( actually, quite everyone I know, or knew in this lovely subtropical paradise where everyone is supposed to be happy a go-go )here where I live once they noticed that I actually would be on such hardship and to keep relations with me woudn´t be of ANY advantage for theirs either, simply turned their backs to me.
I won´t blame them, because that´s the way things do work here.
Because once you are down, nobody wants you around; you have nothing to offer; you may bring "bad luck"; so it´s pretty much like you had the plague - you are alone and nobody cares if you bleed, as much you bite the tongue hard and keep yourself silent "to not be a hassle" to others( funnily enough, the same ones that doesn´t give a sh*t if you are down, even if you keep yourself in silence ), until you blissfully die.

That´s life.

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