Friday, July 18, 2008

ANIME Z PoA - 3rd Edition

Once again,
DINAMO STUDIO was invited to participate of this event, having a booth on the fair area and also teaching workshops for the named event!

I´ll also be there, too - either attending people at our booth and drawing commissions as well.

Here´s their official press release:
( I had to translate it from Portuguese, though )

Anime Z PoA - 3rd Edition!

In December 2007, Velasquez Communications and Events, Co. held its second event on anime and fiction in Porto Alegre: the Anime Z PoA.
Now, it comes in a bigger edition, provided with artists such as Eastern Magic Show of Cosplay.
Thus, now the event now also brings together some of the best attractions on the theme of Manga and Anime in Brazil.

This next Edition Anime Z PoA will be held on 16 and August 17 at the College Julio de Castilhos and will have many attractions like championships, videogames, animeke, fanart expositions and series, booths of products and concerts of bands, playing anime themes.

Activities conducted within the Anime Z PoA:
-- AGM: Area where the audience participates in championships of of their favorite video games.
Featured for the PlayStation 3(Sony), Wii (Nintendo) and X-Box 360 (Microsoft).
-- Step Circuit Cosplay : No contest, Cosplayers are chosen by their best costumes and presentations on the event. Cosplays can be themed by tokusatsu series, movies and comics themes alike.
-- Animekê: Area where the audience sang the song themes of their favorite anime, tokusatsu and games.
-- Group of Eastern Ilusionism Magic Show, The best group of magic performers of Brazil.
-- Booths and institutional sales: Area of the fair to sell products (key tags, posters, t-shirts, DVDs) or disclosure of marks.
-- Video exhibitions: for favorite series, exhibited on big screen TV sets.
-- Band( s ) Concert( s ): The music also has space in Anime Z PoA. Bands that will play songs from anime, tokusatsu series and even J-Pop!

Expectations of the Public Anime Z PoA:
The expectation of the public to Anime Z PoA would be of more than 10,000 thousand people for the two days of the convention - being the most busy day on Sunday, by reaching 55% of the general public.
The public, the vast majority young people varies between 08 and 28 years of age, though with an increasing participation of their parents and other relatives.

About Anime Z, Co.:

This Corporation works with events like this for more than 5 years, being a strong and respected company in its various segments. Though the Company is a recent one, it actually promotes an event since three years ago and has as main focus the achievement of events focused on culture and entertainment, generally.
Today, those are themed on Japanese Culture, more precisely the anime (Japanese cartoons) and Manga (Japanese comics). However, during the production of those, we´re ourselves engaging in new activities such as RPG (Role Playing Game) and Games (electronic games).
The Anime Z believes in quality entertainment for young people, for which prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages, to smoke or the marketing of piraced copies of games in their events.

Service: Anime Z PoA
Phone: (51) 9953-3726
Date: august 16 and 17th, 2008
Time: From 11 AM to 08 PM, both days
Admission: R$ 10.00 ( in advance ) / R$ 12.00 ( at doors )
Location: Julio de Castilhos High School
Address: Piratini Square, s / n
Santana - Porto Alegre, RS BRAZIL

Press Office
Paul Lucas da Silva
(51) 9953-3726 / (51) 9354-4880



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