Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meet Miss Pataki!

A gift to my friend Shon Howell!



He´s one who gave a HUGE revival for HA! fandom, some years ago with his fanart( sadly, there was some people who didn´t recognized his Talent per se - but that´s a a shame on THEM; his work still stands as one of the BEST cartoon styles I ever found )


He´s been drawing about MLP series, and, in special, a very, but VERY spin-off, when those characters were put in a steampunk universe - so, I highly reccomend you to visit his gallery here!

As kind of a gift, I´m just posting another fanart of fone of my favorite HA! characters, but trying to get into that "steampunkly" kind of fashion - in fact, I always liked that in games, anime, comics and cartoons, though I´m truly aware that I´m light-years behind Mr. Howell´s Skill and Talent here.


Hope you can like this doodle!
Thanks for for your visiting^^

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