Monday, July 03, 2006

About kids who can´t eat candy...

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" - What´s the fun on being a kid and can´t eat some candy?"

So, well kids from( and of )ANY age,
Enjoy yourselves!

Just an idea I went through, yesterday - so if Mac would pass the night at Foster´s ( and that´s Winter time, judging from the clothes ); since I knew that there´s two actual episodes dealing about a similar subject( "sugar" )either for Mac´s, and either for Frankie´s, I just wished to put it on... with Mme. Foster in, of course - actually, as much I love the bodnship among her and Frankie, would be nice pick a little of it for Mac, indeed.

So, one can still be free to blame me if I´m ruining it, as usual; in fact, you should know me already... !

Though I still can imagine that Bloo must be assaulting the fridge, now( off-scene, of course ), and building a twelve-story sandwich - or somewhat as tasty... and moreso still, knowing Bloo, he must be adding that it is "just" twelve. Go figure.

"Foster´s Home for Imaginary Friends" characters( Mac, Frankie, and Mme. Foster )
were created by Craig McCracken
The look on Frankie´s hair down was inspired
from PhantomGoDeo´s FHIF fancomic - also posted there at DevianArt.

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