Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Goo and Chani

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I never could see "Go Goo go" FHIF episode.
( Actually, this fanart will be to "scraps" after being posted here - in fact, since Goo, judging from some screenshots I could get, and moreso comparing hers to Frankie´s height, I guess that she´s a 9-years old - "Chani" was supposed to be just 6 years of age.

I´m sorry if I couldn´t get any better here( due to several limitations, which include even a proper place to can draw it ), so this doodle will be moved once I could correct, scan, and post a new version of this( since Goo and "Chani" would be supposed to be holding their hands here - so, "Chani" should be WAY shorter/smaller than... ).
So, once again, I´m sorry.

FHIF series by Craig McCracken

"Foster´s Home for Imaginary Friends" character ( Goo ) created by Lauren Faust, from a FHIF episode wrote by herself.

"Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls" fan based character( Chani* depicted here, is )were inspired by MWGG - so, by all means, it belongs to her.

*"Chani" is a fanbased character from Ms. Faust´s "Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls".

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