Friday, August 25, 2006

First signs of Spring...

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From an Easter( 2003 )�s fanart gift for a friend

"The Powerpuff Girls" characters created by Craig McCracken.

( Fanart, April 2003 )


Heath said...

Hey Marcos! I really like how you've been study the McCracken characters. You're being able to draw them well and put them into your own scenes is really neat! I do the same thing when I'm studying the different cartoons I like. Thanks again your very thoughtful comments and insights!

Marcos said...

Thank you very much for the visit and for your comment here - I´m honored for!

Actually, when I was a kid our first teacher once tried us to create( for writing composition classes )stories form our own favorite characters, and also encouraged us to create our own( which is basically fanart/fanfiction... though that wasn´t known as that by that time ); in the following, they always made possible to divulge those works, so I think that it marked me... so now, working as teacher myself, I still keep this kind of activities open, so there´s always some kid asking me to draw this or that for them, so I try to make it an opportunity to encourage them to create their own stories, too...