Saturday, September 16, 2006


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The first one for its Region/State in Brazil!
So, in order to keep you informed about since I was invited to participate( teaching workshops among other activities as well ), I am sharing this following info:

* The event Japan Project: an Anime Convention for Manga, Anime and Tokusatsu fans will be happening by days October 21 and 22th , 2006.

About the event's location:
* The Municipal School of Basic Education on Bidart Foundation, which is located at Tupy Silveira st, 2046 in Bagé/RS - Brazil.

President of Organization Comitee:
Aldo Mesquita - by: -

The event will have its official opening to the 8:30 sharp of day October 21, 2006.

The closing of all its the activities will be 19:00 sharp, as much in Saturday as in the Sunday( October 22 ).

The full schedule of the activities is as it follows:

Saturday, October 21:

- 06:30h - Gates opened for organization of the booths;
- 08:30h - Official Opening of the event;
- 09:00h - Beginning of the activities in the rooms for video exhibitions;
- 12:30h - Lecture of Anime and Tokusatsu in its respective rooms;
- 13:30h - Retaken of the exhibitions of videos in both their rooms;
- 19:00h - Closing of the activities of the event( for the current day ).

Sunday, October 22:

- 07:30h - Gates opened for organization of the booths;
- 08:30h - Official Opening of the event;
- 09:00h - Beginning of the activities in the rooms for video exhibitions;
- 12:30h - Lectures on Anime and Tokusatsu in their respective rooms;
- 13:30h - Retaken of the video exhibitions in both their exhibition rooms;
- 19:00h - Closing of the activities of the event itself.


The professional cartooninst and teacher MARCOS PINTO will be present on this event, too - teaching workshops, presenting lectures and presenting an exposition of his works, as much attending to any interested on the topics of interest in the event.

His schedule of activitis is:

- By Saturday( October 21 ), a workshop on "shoujo" manga * in the afternoon, hours 14 to 16h.

- By Sunday( October 22 ), a workshop on "kodomo" * * manga, in the afternoon, hours 13 to 15h.

Respectively, two manga drawing workshops on feminine characters( women and girls )*, children´s and directed to children´s audience** alike.

The workshops will have support material as visual polygraphs and references avaiable for both.
Their program is:

- Structure and ratio for Shoujo manga;
- Drawing of adult and children characters;
- Drapery and hair drawing how-tos.

- SD stylization;
- Drawing for Kodomo(for children)manga;
- Accessories and effects.

and Conclusion work.
Also, by Saturday( October 21 ), at afternoon, from 16 to 17h, I will do a lecture on shojo manga, right after the classes; the lecture is open to any participants, even from outside the actual class workshop, since it´s being part of the named event itself.

By the end of the day, at 18h, we´ll have an open debate on editorial trends for Brazil, which I was invited to participate, too.


By Sunday( October 22 ), another workshop - this time on shonen manga, between hours 15 to 17 of the day´s afternoon.

All the three workshops will do 2 hour-lesson each, what perfacts 6 hour-lessons to the total - if completed, the workshops can be certifyed to the end for the participants, if they attend to ALL the lessons and conclude a work on drawing, executed in class with the assistance of the teacher.

All lessons are given with a limited number of students by group( 15 passwords in the maximum for each workshop ), though those can be reserved in the place of the event, or among its organizers!

Also running in,
An EXPOSITION of his works will be open to visitation, as much he we would attend to any requests and evaluation/consel to any interested people in.

Be welcome!
I hope to meet you there!






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