Wednesday, June 07, 2006

About crediting and thanking

I wished to tell people that most of those works posted here are fanarts,
still gladly and more than merely credit, I thank their original authors for creating their
original works. Since I think that, since they gave us, ( their )fans such enjoyment, and one at stake
to literally inspire us to draw our fan renditions
( as art and writings alike, and even both altogether ), it´s a simple due thing to do.

I truly believe that a creative experience, and everything else that is related to,
is such a grateful thing for oneself - so, as a matter of humanities,
this kind of thanking shouldn´t be passed out.

Hopefully, they( the authors )would continue to create their own( and so on I believe to create is,
as I said above, a grateful experience - hence, a nice thing to wish for someone else ), so we fans
could either enjoy, and tribute our own.

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