Monday, June 12, 2006

MWGG/JSS! Fansite Update

Actually, since I already run a fansite( The Keane Library )about several cartoon titles( and that´s all about fanart and fanfiction related to, if not those two altogether ), mostly showing up fanarts( and ficarts )I did, I also wanted to add another one dedicated to Mrs. Lauren Faust´s creation.

Paulo DeBiasi( a friend of mine, also from Brazil )draw several fanarts about them( and he already haves a gallery with those artworks there ), in crossover with PPG characters - and I also knew some people who shared the same fandom from here, and met them here as well; but, since I can´t( foremost I´d wish to can do more... )do everything, and people are starting to gather, so you´re invited, too!

But, since though we´re doing fanworks with the due respect to her( and we appreciate it ), I´d like to invite you to visit what, quite probably, is the very first "Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Fansite"! In fact, we´re about to move and to be more than another website inside TKL - or, said: to be a fansite absolutely dedicated to Mrs. Faust´s creations.

So, be welcome to visit !

"Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls" characters were created by Lauren Faust,
and belong to her.

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