Friday, June 30, 2006

"Atomic Betty" as I never seen it...

Another gift to Nari_Zeroset, who was the first person I knew to post a blog comment( May 28, 2005 )about MWGG, and who I after gifted another fanart, then in past late May of year 2005 - in fact, it was in return of that comment( and... well, I was shy to tell about it by then, but Zeroset also comented there about a "Jupiter" fanart picture I draw )and because I was happy for finding more people who seemed to be interested in the same "Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls" fandom, as me!

Well, as much I like to know people, as much I'd like to can please them - as well^^

Though I never seen a single one episode from that show, but, since I visited Zeroset´s blog recently( two days ago ), I found some rather delectable picture on Betty and her grandmother( who Zeroset told me was another guradian as well, once she was as young as Betty is now ); and I liked it so very much!

Hope you can like this fanart...

( "Atomic Betty" characters are owned by their respective author ).

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