Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kindness for kindness



My friend Paulo DeBiasi draw this MWGG fanart concerning to a support auction moved by Ms. Faust( who donated some of her works for the auction )in favor of Fyn Stec, who is a little boy on liver cancer treatment.

Many other artists also donated theirs( she donated her Mars, in special ), but, as much as them,
I still believe that Ms. Faust kind gesture should be appreciated by any means, as it goes( more than )worth of; so this should be taken as that, a sincere way to express appreciation as well; Paulo´s fanart expressed it well, as much the best wishes from so many of us people, about Fyn´s health.

Since everything it concerns here at this entry certainly isn´t just about fandom, neither is just a matter of merely appreciating skill on what she created, neither only on how she deal and direct it, concerning about the people who would be their fans - it has its own place, but I meant something beyond that.
It is - actually, if not most, about - on how a person should concern about the people who are around them, whomever they are.

So gleefully we can see it happen; one can see that those "nice" things aren´t for just wish for, or just cue with, when one just need some sincere effort to make it true - and become WAY actual than the good intention, foremost good as it goes, to become real at last.
Hence, if people are still able to appreciate those, so, maybe, those are appliable by themselves; it´s a matter of go after it; one can´t turn this World in a Dream, but one can still work to avoid it turns into a nightmare.

And that´s about that also, neither common indifference( which is even worse than ill action )would make any point this time; though hopefully, it should never be again - but, as said, it´s a hopeful thing to see some right things happen at last, indeed. I´m either happy for what she done, and, for what Paulo done, in its recognition as well.

And so,
Certainly, along for being an artist which from her works, but for the person who she actually is, we actually also admire her.

I believe that Paulo found a real nice way to say this, and way better than any of the words I wrote above.


kiko said...

te devuelvo la cortesia de la visita, y te comento que me gustan bastante tus trabajos.

Marcos said...

¡Sea bienvenido!

¡Estoy muy contento que usted ha tenido gusto de estos fanarts que dibujé - en hecho, puesto que muchas personas( incluyendo los niños que eran mi estudiantes )me piden que les dibuje cosas como éstos... y, sin embargo, debo decir que esto me gusta( ya que me gusta veerles creando, mismo que sea de cualquier manera )también...!