Tuesday, June 13, 2006

About teaching and learning...

Because there´s some magic on the whole teaching and learning process.

I tried to capture the moment when the student JUST caught by the joy of, finally, understanding a point - and realize that was able to use that for the future - so, wouldn´t feel unsecure about it, not anymore.

Because it´s hard to WANT to tell about your own Visions, when you still don´t domain the "tools" for it( i.e., its technique ) - but, there´s such joy when you finally got it, isn´t that true?

Same goes for the teacher - those are of the most, most rewarding moments by the whole process.

Dedicated to my friends

Dynamo Dave
Patchwork Cat

"Galaxy Girl" Moon created by Lauren Faust

"Mother Earth" is character created/proposed by Ms. Faust - "Gaia"( which is a Greek adjective for our own World, means "gorgeous", "beautiful" ), as shown in the picture above... is just a fanfictional take on that; the character still belongs to Ms. Faust.

Hope you can like it.

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